Discography 1982-1989

Macht Kaputt Wass Euch Kaputt Macht


Music Casette (MC)

Label: Limbabwe


Recorded: studio Bauplatz Venlo

Came with black and White A2 size lyricposter with photocollages




Web Blog (D) 2002

Getting international again...
First tape of this long gone band from the Netherlands.Instead of their comrads Lärm who seemed to like playing a lot faster ("campaign for musical destruction" style) they sound more english/discharged with a bit more melody thrown in.
I listened to this Tape from 1983 recently again after seeing an advertisment from Havoc Records releasing some songs from a NEUROOT/FRATICIDE split LP which didn't see the day of light.
what a great band,file under pank!

" Gruff vocals over a shimmering guitar sound, with booming drums and bass. This band are pretty impressive and profer an early Discharge type sound. It's pretty clear that this lot are going places. "
review by Paul, from Yahoo #4, Glasgow 1984.

Right is Might


Vinyl EP 7" 33 rpm

Label: Smeul


Recorded: 10-12 october 1985 at Jokes Koeienverhuur, Emma Amsterdam.

Came with a A2 size lyricposter in colours black, white and red.


Back cover

Label side 1

Label side 2

Lyric Poster

Foto on backcover (gig Hannover)


And the travels begin yet again in that seven inch playground. Kick sand
into their faces with the awesome debut by Holland's NeurootRight
is Might
, a four song EP that thrusts those sonic blasts with a force of
mad rage keeping the pace fast and intensely active. Like a wild speedy car
chase it builds rapidly and keeps the suspense to mayhem while pushing all the
pedals to the floor, smashing down with total combustion. Yet not a crash in site.
hungry guitars churn out powerful cranks, grinding with squeaky chord changes
as the feedback purrs with just the right choice of distortion. Drum beat heartily
as the sticks smash the cymbals over and over again, still it's the hoarse larynx
of vocalist Wouter who spits and growls out the intense sentiments with a force
to be reckoned with. All four tracks, including the stormtrooping banzais of
"The Lie They Still Call the Truth" and "Politicians and Businessmen", are
exceptional, hailing Neuroot the new ruler of hardcore madness. These
guys are great. Watch closely for them

Pushead in Thrasher (U.S.)may 1986

NEUROOT- Right is Might 7"EP (SM, Holland, 1985)

You know, when you get older, you sometimes forget what it was, that attracted you to the vitalism and urgency of HC in the first place. Though this came out after my HC infection, it amazed me as much then as it does now. NEUROOT just rip shit up. Such intensity, mainly coming from the sonic oveblast of the distorted bass, the angry singer and the crashing cymbals. Wonderful! And do yourself and your neighbors a favour by playing this on your stereo, all cranked up, and not on some shitty computer speakers. “Wir sind die Ratten vom Müll” (”We’re the Garbage Rats”) is one of the best songs ever recorded and the rest is up there with the most amazing HC tunes with just a very tiny little bit of Metal thrown in. Sounds a bit japanese sometimes and the mid-tempo brutality makes me think of SEIZURE (”All hail the fucking System” 7″EP). Impossible to do this again, I tell you. One interstellar record!

This was supposed to be re-released on a Split LP together with Canada’s FRATRICIDE on Pusmort Records, but only a couple of tstpressing ever saw the light of day. 

1000 made of this, 600 had a poster insert.

Megawimp Website (SUI) 2007

Eur Geld Unser Geld Distr (D)

Holland has produced some of my favorite punk bands over the period of time I’ve been listening to this stuff. I don’t know what it is, but I’ve noticed that Dutch bands have a funny way of getting under my skin and staying there until I finally realize how much I love listening to them. Neuroot is well on their way to joining the ranks of BGK, Agent Orange, and Seein’ Red based on the strength of their vinyl debut, the Right is Might seven-inch from 1985. By the time they released this record, Neuroot had been honing their craft for four years. After two rough demos, these Dutch punkers were ready to issue a sonic statement resounding with anger and intensity.

There’s a fair amount of Discharge influence in these four songs, but please don’t get the wrong idea. Unlike the legions of Dis-clones, Neuroot actually had enough of their own musical personality to where Discharge was really more of a jumping-off point. That’s how 

it’s SUPPOSED to be, boys and girls. I don’t mean squalling white-noise guitars either. These are real songs with tempos that build to something else. Each one means something on its own. The songs are longer than average (that’s what SHE said), with the shortest clocking in at 2:45. Personally, I’m a sucker for overly distorted bass, which Neuroot brings in spades.

When I thumb through my old issues of MRR and Profane Existence, I wish I had been more adventurous when perusing the mailorder ads in the mid ‘90s. Neuroot was actually a name that jumped out at me in some of those ads, but I never put any money into an envelope for their record. I think rabid-mad followers of European hardcore actually pay a decent amount for this record now, but you were able to get it for standard punk seven-inch prices for close to fifteen years at one point. It’s funny how that happens.

Subsequent recordings never really captured the elements that made Right is Might so good, but you’re certainly welcome to track down those attempts to hear for yourself. But if you’re going to get infected with the Neuroot brand of Dutch courage, you should probably start here.

The Evil Eye Web Blog 2011 (USA)

Plead Insanity


Vinyl LP 12

Label: Hageland Hardcore


Recorded: Tango Studio Eindhoven

Came with a 12"double sided lyric sheet in black & white

Back cover

Lyric sheet side 1

Lyric sheet side 2

Label side A

Label Side B

Different Frontcover for the UK release (that never happened) on 'In your Face' recors (by Kalv from Heresy). 

Back cover to the 'In your face' release.


Wachten totdat de Neuroot/Fracticide split op Pusmort uit zou komen duurde Neuroot blijkbaar ook te lang- terecht overigens want wachten op Pushead blijkt meestal tevergeefs te zijn. Doordat Neuroot vanwege 'drummer problematiek' nauwelijks mogelijkheid heeft gehad om op het podium te laten horen wat de band tegenwoordig kan presteren, is hun Plead Insanity LP meer dan welkom. De plaat op het Belgische Hageland label bewijst Neuroot meer dan ooit kwalitatief gezien in de loop der jaren, sinds het uitkomen van de toendertijd indrukwekkende Mach Kaputt Was Euch Kaputt Macht kassette, er enkel met reuzensprongen op vooruit gegaan is. Hoewel de term 'heftig' tegenwoordig nog maar nauwelijks gebruikt wordt, kan ik niet anders zeggen dan dat dit het enige woord is dat Neuroot karaktariseerd. De songs zijn intens, agressief, uiterst stevig en ze barsten van de energie. Beukwerk van de allerbovenste plank met teksten die getuigen van een hart dat door al de jaren heen geen centimeter van de juiste plaats geschoven is.
-Johan van Leeuwen, from Koekrand fanzine, 1988

Koekrand fanzine (HOL) 1988

The gig reviewed in Kerrang

Great H/C by this great Band. This LP is powerful and tight and reminds me a lot of BGK. I saw them with SNFU and Heresy in 1988 and the Bass player was incedible!!

Brutal Dutch HC Punk with a very enjoyable Metal-edge and one of the best bassplayers in early European HC Punk. This must be one of the few records which doesn’t have Pushead on the thanklist but on the f**k –off-list (most likely due to the never realized Pusmort split-LP).
You’re bidding on an original copy of the record’s initial pressing from 1988 on the fine Hageland label. Some very light, harmless wear on the cover, record itself is in excellent shape. Original printed insert included.